Roofing Tile Panels - Mediteraneo

Mediteraneo – union of classic aesthetic and modern materials – steel sheet metal product is in question (0.5mm), which fulfils all requirements in connection with technical, mechanical and chemical characteristic. Another important advantage is freedom in the choice of colors – finishing layer can be executed according to the customer's (according to RAL card), so the roof plane can follow modern façade both in material and in color, with keeping of classic aesthetic of oblique roof.

The advantages are reflected in aesthetics, small weight, speed of covering and stability.

Mediteraneo is manufactured with the most modern technologies and manners of processing at the moment, and the production line itself is numerically managed. The width of plates is 1092 mm, and the length depends primarily on specification/order, or transport.

Sheet metal thickness: 0,5 mm – 0,7 mm
Covering width: 1092 mm

Production materials used are steel (0.5 mm) or aluminum (0.7 mm) sheet metals.

Available in all colors from the RAL color chart

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