Roof Sectioned Sheet Metal TR 40/245

B = 980mm

It is intended for lining and covering of all types of buildings. TR 40/ 245 is universal roof covering. Thanks to its static and aesthetic characteristics, section TR 40 became widely applied in construction industry. It can be used for covering of houses, auxiliary buildings, garages, all to the covering of large business buildings as production, warehousing and agriculture buildings.

Its static allows it to be applied in buildings with roof inclination larger than 7%. TR 40/ 245 is produced with the most modern automatic machines.

Sheet metal thickness: 0,5 mm – 1,0 mm
Sheet metal width: 1250 mm
Profile width: 980(±10) mm
Length: up to 15 000 mm

It is manufactured from galvanized sheet metal and galvanized plasticized sheet metal.

At the customer's request it is manufactured from copper, aluminum and Al-Alloys as non-painted, painted and embossed.

Available in all colors from the RAL color chart

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